Suitcase Heart

A good snap shot
stops a moment
from running away.

Welcome to the two hundred thirty-fifth – or so it seems – attempt of ours to start a Blog.

Who are we? -Twins. Best-friends. Travelers. Adventurers. Coffee-Drinkers. Professional-Daydreamers and Amateur-Photographers.


We can never quite settle on one topic or even language (english, español, deutsch, français, português, italiano), hence in here you will find all sorts of things that caught our attention, floated through our minds, stirred something deep within us or simply looked beautiful and needed to be preserved from falling into oblivion.

It is also about trying to put the abstract theories we hear at uni into the context of every-day-life, making them even enjoyable at times. It was also supposed to be about our travels, mh! Time will tell where this journey will take us.

Setting free the anchor and looking past the shore.